My images are a blend of formal photojournalistic training with some light directing tossed in. 

I specialize in capturing natural candid moments. For over 15 years I was a full-time photojournalist. I worked over 10 years at The Seattle Times as a staff photographer, as well as at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, the Orange County Register, Getty Images, the Associated Press and The New York Times.  

I approach wedding photography as a documentarian with a deep love of family and a great respect for ritual.   

I am just as interested in capturing those small subtle unplanned moments during the day as I am the momentous events of a wedding. Sometimes it's the small intimate moment photos that carry the most resonance. Being a trained photojournalist has taught me the patience and skill needed to capture such moments in camera.  

I believe a wedding day deserves to be documented beautifully, as a testament to love and life; recorded with the utmost care.  

When photographing a wedding I prefer to let the day unfold naturally. I think this makes the best photos, as well as contributes to the best experience for all. Unobtrusiveness is a goal of mine. Many clients tell me after that they hardly noticed me.  

It's a privilege and honor to witness and record such unique and intimate moments of life. Photography is the way that I explore the world.  

I live in Seattle wih my lovely wife and dog.  

Thanks for having a look. I look forward to hearing from you.  

For more on me please see my commercial/editorial website: ronwurzer.com